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Global Health M.D. Program


Personal Attention

Small class sizes and personal attention from accomplished and experienced faculty


Global Impact

Our alumni have an impact as some of the world’s leading global health physicians locally and internationally


Clerkship Opportunities

Clerkship opportunities in resource scarce settings worldwide for fourth year students


Cross-Cultural Learning

Diverse cross-cultural experiences working with local populations


Residency Support

Comprehensive residency- planning and high match rates (Average 93% match rate - 100% in 2018!)



Close and extremely supportive community of peers

What is Global Health?

At MSIH we prepare physicians to address the impact of cultural, economic, political and environmental factors on the health of individuals and populations worldwide. Global Health is incorporated into our core curriculum through all 4 years of our M.D. program. Our perspectives on global health shape the way we learn, the way we teach, and the way we practice medicine. Hear from our current students, alumni, and faculty in this short video.


Social Justice

Alumni have a real impact as medical practitioners attuned to social justice, embodying the concept of healing the world through medicine

The Populations We Serve

Our alumni work in various environments with underserved populations, in inner cities and rural areas that lack medical practitioners in North America, and with refugees and migrants.

Broader Perspective

MSIH cultivates skilled physicians who understand that the determinants of health are global.

Why It Matters

At MSIH, we prepare physicians to address the impact of cultural, economic, political, and environmental factors on the health of individuals and populations worldwide.

Unique Campus Life

BGU is located in Beer-Sheva, Israel’s fourth-largest city and one of the oldest in the world. A diverse university town of 200,000 in the heart of the vast and beautiful Negev desert, Beer-Sheva is a place where the past and future converge: named “the Silicon Valley of the Middle East” by Forbes, it’s a cutting-edge, commercially vibrant city that’s also home to historical sites and ruins.

Our Global Health Community

“The real value of the MSIH experience is the people - the diversity of experiences and perspectives that my classmates bring here.”

Virginia Byron, Class of 2017

“It takes a special kind of person to be interested in global health and follow it through their preparation to become a doctor.”

Luisa Bonilla Hernandez, Class of 2018

“A lot of medical schools incorporate global health tracks into the curriculum, but here (at MSIH), global health is all around you always - that’s the reality.”

Jenna Meyer, Class of 2020

“My favorite part of studying in Beer-Sheva was the patient population at Soroka University Medical Center.”

Reva Frankel, class of 2017

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